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resilience lab

Part think-tank, part consultancy, Resilience Lab is a new studio within S.E.A. focused on climate adaptation and survival. While S.E.A. designs buildings that mitigate damage to the natural environment, Resilience Lab prepares people for the worst consequences of global climate change.

Resilience Lab evolved from the grand-prize winning team of the Water Abundance XPRIZE. During this challenge Resilience Lab created WEDEW—the only competing technology to successfully extract over 2,000 liters of water over a 24-hour period, using only renewable energy and at a cost of USD $0.02 per liter. Resilience Lab has continued to develop WEDEW into a readily deployable, customizable system that responds to local conditions and needs, a process that instigated other related technological explorations. Visit Skysource to learn more about WEDEW and our efforts to democratize water.

While the scale of work varies, it is united by environmental adaptation. Many projects specifically pertain to disaster preparedness in the built environment. The Lab designs resilience plans for communities living in the wildland-urban interface. These services include hardy buildings, landscapes, and systems that respond to natural phenomena. For example, Resilience Lab vets and invents best practices and products for fire rebuilds and fire prevention. We are developing a broad network of partnerships with like-minded companies and people around the world, a social infrastructure to address the alarming realities of anthropogenic climate change.


Partner Organizations

Atmospheric Water: Skysource
Renewable Energy: ALL Power Labs
Biochar: Local Carbon Network
Urban agriculture: Community Healing Gardens
Energy Back-up / Storage: Energport
Fire Suppression: TRI-MAX

Learn more: willem@resilience-lab.com