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Hall House

This project is a remodel of a 3000 sq. ft beachfront home in Montecito, CA. The original structure, a typical cottage built in the 1930’s did not provide the environmental accountability that the residents desired. This serves as their second residence, and therefore they wanted it to have as little environmental impact as possible, while maintaining a high comfort level and bringing the outside in.

In order to achieve this, solar panels heat the water that circulates through radiant tubing in the floors to heat the house, and the photovoltaic panels on the roof convert heat to energy, sending energy back to the power company during the week and sustaining the family’s energy needs on the weekends. Most of the exterior surfaces are glazed and coated with a UV repellent finish to prevent solar gain and heat loss. The wood used throughout the house is certified sustainably harvested by the Forest Stewardship Council. Transform windows circulate air through the house, eliminating the need for a forced air system, and the moisture sensitive roof opens and closes depending on the weather.

The end result: A home that is environmentally conscience, comfortable and has an active relationship with the outdoors; qualities and requirements that reflect the family’s ethos.


hall house

A remodel of a 30’s era cottage, this beachfront residence substantially improves upon its predecessor’s environmental performance. Given the stunning location, the house facilitates an indoor / outdoor lifestyle while maintaining a high degree of sustainability.

Project Details

Year: 2004
Location: Montecito, CA
Typology: single family residence
Program: 4 bed, 3.5 bath
Size: 3,000 sqft
Sustainable Features:
  • photovoltaic panels
  • hydronic radiant heating
  • UV repellent finishes, glazing
  • FSC certified sustainable wood
  • natural ventilation
Photography: Michael Weschler


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