David Hertz Architects FAIA & The Studio of Environmental Architecture

Hermosa House


ermosa House was built for a large growing family. The house features a dazzling array of green features including two solar electric arrays, two evacuated tube hot water systems as well as plentiful natural light, large sliding doors creating natural airflow through out the house. The house features a 3rd level swim-in-place stainless steel pool with three viewing portals that look in from the 2nd story shower, hallway and TV room. 

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hermosa house

This project reconfigures the California Dream of outdoor living in a confined lot, featuring three different exterior patios. The third level pool carves out a side court, partially shaded by solar panels and flanked by a fire garden. The pool is perforated by three portals that provide biophilic views of water and bring natural light into the second level (which lacks many windows due to the tight property and grade). The fourth level master suite looks across a green roof to the Pacific Ocean. Crowning the house is a lounging area with panoramic views of the neighborhood. The building incorporates multiple PV arrays and evacuated tube hot water systems, as well as plentiful natural light and airflow throughout.  

Natural lighting and ventilation sectional diagram

Natural lighting and ventilation sectional diagram


Project Details

Year: 2012
Location: Hermosa Beach, CA
Typology: single family residence
Program: 4 bed, 6 bath
Size: 3,000 sqft
Sustainable Features:
  • photovoltaic panels
  • hydronic radiant heating
  • natural lighting
  • natural ventilation
  • Photography: Laura Doss, Carson Leh