Sail House on Cloud 9

     The Sail House on Cloud Nine is a project designed and built in collaboration with Toma House in Bali as a prefabricated series of buildings made in Bali and in Java which will be preassembled and then disassembled and flatpack shipped for a small resort project on the island of Bequia in the Grenadine Islands for a British couple.  

     The project consists of a main residence with a large pool, as well as several guesthouses.  The houses are named Sail House after the tensile roof structures which frame the Toma prefabricated aluminum structures and provide large generous overhangs as well as openings that could be modulated to account for airflow.

     The buildings sit on concrete foundations which are all designed to be used as water cisterns for the collection of stormwater as its sole method of water generation.  The tensile roofs use nautical hardware to adjust the roofs to account for airflow, and are used to collect water and direct the water to the foundations which are large concrete boxes use for the cisterns collection and storage of water which will be used throughout the property.  Solar panels and natural ventilation, and reclaimed materials are all used in this project to create a truly indoor outdoor tent like living environment.  Louvers made from reclaimed ironwood are used to close up the house as well as horizontal bi-folding doors in the event of storms or inclement weather; they also slide out of the way to create an open floor plan that blurs the definition between interior and exterior spaces.

Toma House Design