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  • Best of the Westside: Best Architecture Firm, awarded by 'The Argonaut' magazine


  • AIA Los Angeles Monograph Tour of Venice Beach Residences


  • The Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award 2012 for the 747 Wing House

  • AIA California Council Residential Design Awards 2012 for 747 Wing House

  • The International Design Awards 2012 Gold for 747 Wing House


  • Award Winner - The Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award, 2010

  • Award Winner- Vanity Fair / Rado Unlimited Spirit Award, 2010

  • Selected for inclusion in :California Design Biennial. PMCA Pasadena Museum of Contemporary Art Action / Reaction, 2010


  • Sustainable Quality Award, City of Santa Monica – Excellence in Stewardship of the Environment

  • Move On Award for Achievements in Environmental Sustainability and Public Awareness.

  • THE AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE AWARD FOR 2009 (from the Chicago Athenaeum museum of Architecture and Design and the European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies), Panel House


  • Studio of Environmental Architecture – Green Business Certified by the City of Santa Monica

  • (January) Elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects


  • SCI ARC distinguished Alumni Award

  • Exhibition- Southern California Institute of Arch, 2007

  • (February) Awarded first Green Grant from City of SM for his work on the Studio of Environmental Architecture

  • (November) Southern California Institute of Architecture Distinguished Alumni Award

  • Metropolitan Home Design 100, Living Homes


  • Excellence in Design Awards - Environmental Design+Construction - Award for the McKinley Residence

  • Los Angeles DRY 100 - 100 of the most innovative people in L.A.


  • United States Green Building Council, LEED Accreditation

  • City of Santa Monica Sustainable Leadership Award

  • Eco-Home Network with USGBC and AIA Committee on the Environment, Sustainable Living Award

  • Juror, AIA Kansas City Chapter Design Awards

  • Selected for Compendium of World Architects published by Images, Australia


  • Casa Brutus, Japan, Selected Top Ten Emerging Architects in the World

  • Juror, AIA Iowa Chapter Design Awards

  • Oregon Chapter ACI (American Concrete Institute) Award for Excellence in Concrete for the Garell residence


  • Juror, AIA Sunset Western Home Awards

  • Selected for SCI-Arc Alumni Association Competition: “Big Moves”

  • Nominated by the Los Angeles Chapter of the AIA for the College of Fellowship


  • Business Santa Monica: Sustainable Quality Award Recipient

  • AIA Sunset Western Home Award winner for the McKinley residence

  • Certificate of appreciation to Syndesis from LAAIA chapter office team

  • Selected New Blood 101


  • WRAP Award: Western Waste Reduction Award from CAL EPA

  • Product selected for inclusion in exhibition “ICONS: Magnets and Meanings.” SFMOMA

  • Selected New Blood Architects, Los Angeles


  • SQA (Sustainability Quality Awards) Santa Monica City and Chamber of Commerce


  • Glamorous Green: Material Connexion, NY

  • A Salute to Material Specialists & Their Favorite Palettes for ’96 Projects

  • Selected Who’s Who in Real Estate “Profiles of Architects.” L.A. Business Journal


  • Acclaim IIDA Product Design Achievement Awards, awarded Gold Metal Special Finishes

  • Museum of Modern Art in New York: Syndecrete® included in Permanent Collection