North Cache

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“Contemporary Western Aesthetic”

S.E.A. (Studio of Environmental Architecture) architect David Hertz’s re-imagining of western design retains the warmth and materiality of traditional building styles in Jackson Hole, while creating a simplified form consistent with today’s lifestyle and utilizing available technologies.  Refuge introduces many design firsts to Jackson Hole, including the use of flat/green roofs for both the building itself and the green roof courtyard over underground parking.

Refuge utilizes a walk-up concept for the residences similar to flats and town homes found in the most vibrant, walkable neighborhoods throughout the world.  Raising the living area above street level creates a separation between public and private areas. Two commercial spaces are located at the corners of the building and are situated at ground level to provide a connection to the public areas they serve.

Refuge will rely upon local materials including wood and stone to create harmonious compositions of texture and form.  Juxtaposing interesting and innovative materials, including concrete, stone, glass and wood, maximize the honest expression of structure and materials.

“Integration with Natural Environment”

S.E.A.’s work explores the juncture between the natural and built environment which is particularly relevant in the stunning natural  environment that is Jackson Hole.  Emphasis on integrating Refuge into the  natural environment has defined the project from its inception. The outdoors will be being brought into the urban development through the creation of unique green spaces and ample decks and rooftop areas as well as through the extensive use of windows and an open floor plan.  The design emphasis celebrates the natural environment, makes the natural environment a design focal point and provides ample transition for residents to the outdoors despite it’s downtown setting.

“Quality of Living Environment”

Hertz’ interest in human habitation translates into work that incorporates natural ventilation, natural light, and passive solar.  Refuge employs an innovative spacial design as well as technologies to provide an indoor environment in keeping with the pristine outdoor environment of Jackson Hole.

Refuge deconstructed the condominium formula of a central elevator bank and long public hallways, and replaced it with semi-private elevators and vestibules.  Residents have the convenience of elevator access within steps of their underground parking and termination points at any of the three floors above.  Elimination of a central corridor permits windows on opposing sides of each residence, resulting in natural light flooding the space throughout the day.  Of course, opposing windows also enables natural ventilation and creates better views.  No public corridors also result in greater privacy.