This private residential compound sits on 3 large lots at the intersection of Pacific Ave. and Navy St. which is the first street into Venice from Santa Monica, as such this project serves as a gateway to Venice. Because the intersection is very noisy the concept was to use large tilt up concrete slabs to create an acoustical and visual wall to reinforce the edge condition between the street and the residence. 

The site is tapered  relative to the Pacific Ave. side, as such, the use of  large charcoal colored individual  concrete slabs each floating from the other and separated vertically with narrow glass windows, step along the diagonal side yard to maximize interior square footage, while allowing for light without fenestration in the exterior elevation.

The building is seen by motorist as a minimalist sculptural object which reads very differently from opposite directions. Since this is a major street in and out of Venice the building will have two faces, one to pedestrians coming into and another leaving Venice. The main house sites on 2 parcels over a 12 car subterranean parking garage and basement.  A guest house and pool is created on the adjacent property, site walls and landscape create a serene verdant retreat away from the urbanity of the surroundings.

The residence uses large sliding glass and wood walls to create ground floor interior and exterior spaces.  Structures are pushed to the site extremities to allow for outdoor spaces which become continuous to the interior when opened.  

The house is linked  with  an enclosed bridge across a outdoor fire pit  and seating area to the kids wing and media room creating a compound feel as the interstitial spaces between structures are utilized and integrated into the landscape.

A central open floating steel stair and elevator core is used as a vertical element to connect basement to roof deck and serves as a solar chimney to promote natural ventilation, this element is expressed on the exterior and interior with rusted Cor-ten steel shingles.  Use or unfinished raw concrete, stucco and wooden siding, doors and windows creates a natural harmonious composition of material and form. Abundant natural light along with solar hydronic radiant heating, solar thermal and  electrical systems and storm water collection and reuse make this project a state of the art sustainable building and harmonious California living.


David Hertz Architect Los Angeles Green Solar Panels Sustainable Award top venice beach california NORTH EAST CORNER carson render2.jpg
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Tilt Up Slab Wall Installation