Mendelsohn Zien

This is a 15,000 square foot tenant improvement project for a large advertising agency, which occupies the top two floors of a 22-story building. The project involved cutting a portion of the upper floor to create a double height lobby area with a new stairway providing access between both floors. The space is centrally located directly adjacent to the elevator from a central wall which runs up through the treads becoming a sculpture within the minimal space. Also incorporated into the project were additions of two conference rooms, an employee lounge and kitchen area, and an expansion of the partners’ corner offices. Finish materials include integrally pigmented veneer plaster, frameless sheet glass, modular plastic glazing panels and Syndecrete® tiles. The existing concrete lobby floor was pigmented, polished and left exposed. All new furniture and office systems were chosen to reflect a simple, minimalist environment.

Location: Los Angeles, CA 

Completed: 1999