Hermosa House

Hermosa House was built for a large growing family. Built on a confined lot in Manhattan Beach close to the boardwalk. The house maximizes the lot footprint and builds upward for 5 levels. The garage level is almost entirely below grade, featuring parking spaces, work area, laundry, storage and boiler room.  The second level includes bedrooms, media room, open atrium lounge and the viewing portals for the stainless steel swimming pool. The house's third level stainless steel pool has three viewing portals that look in from the second story shower, hallway and TV room. Besides being a unique architectural feature, this allows for natural light in much of the second story, which lacks many exterior windows due to grade.  Third level is at street level and houses an office, entry living area, kitchen and dinning area. This level also features an outdoor patio with solar canopy and the pool deck, from which fire burns aside a waterfall element on the exterior structural wall. Fourth level encompasses the master bed and bath and a green roof deck.  Above the master bedroom is an outdoor lounge deck. The house features a dazzling array of green features including two solar electric arrays, two evacuated tube hot water systems as well as plentiful natural light, large sliding doors creating natural airflow through out the house.  


Location: Manhattan Beach, CA

Completed: 2012

Contractor: Epic Construction

Project Architect: Jared E. Wright


Hermosa House Tour

Hermosa House Pool Through Shower Viewing Portal

Air Flow and Natural Light in Hermosa House

David Hertz Architect Los Angeles Green Solar Panels Sustainable Award top venice beach california hermosa house airflow graphic.jpg