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S.E.A.’s commitment to the environment is demonstrated in the innovative design of its products, manufacturing operations, marketing materials and building design. S.E.A.’S corporate values are holistic and based on the respect and efficient use of our human and natural resources with an overriding commitment to the greater whole. The company's high level of environmental awareness is demonstrated in every aspect of its approach to business, from its products and manufacturing processes to its marketing and promotional materials, internal corporate culture, architectural designs and the energy efficient design of its office, which was recently awarded one of the highest rated LEED PLATINUM ratings in the U.S.

S.E.A. is committed to transforming the excesses and waste of today's society into value-added, quality designed products. S.E.A. actively researches and sources new environmentally responsible materials and procedures to use in the projects we design and build. The company actively promotes the environmental qualities of its products in the hopes of increasing the public's awareness and demand for recycled building materials. The larger goal is to increase society's value of such materials and products, thus inducing other companies in the industry to create well designed, complimentary, environmentally responsible building products. S.E.A. is an active participant in the environmental community, and is involved in organizations such as the Ecological Entrepreneurs Network, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association Conference, and the USGBC. S.E.A. is featured in many environmentally-minded material resource books including the Recycled Products Guide, AIA Environmental Resource Guide, Guide to Resource Efficient Building Elements, EPA Handbook, Smith and Hawken Catalogue, and the Interiors Concerns Resource Guide. We believe in the preservation and conservation of the earth’s resources, and our practice reflects these beliefs.