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Living on the "Frinj", at Xanabu

Our friends at Frinj Coffee had some nice words to say about us in their most recent newsletter. Check out the excerpt below:

“Along the meandering transverse of distinctly western zig-zag hills, you cross the threshold into another dimension.  The epic narrative written along the road to Xanabu pulls you apart from where you were. Simultaneously experiencing the timeless beauty of ancient California and the dog-eared scars of the harrowing fire of 2018.   

In the late days of Spring this year, we proudly embarked on efforts our first coffee planting in Malibu. We couldn't be more excited about the people we are working with to bring this to life. Under the loving care of David Hertz, Laura Doss-Hertz, and Jeff Swimmer young coffee grows at Xanabu amidst a symphony of dynamic architecture, preserved nature, and delightful culture.  

David and Laura work on a brilliant water project called Skysource.  This article shares a little about Skysource.  In 2018, Skysource was the Grand Prize Winner of the X-Prize for Water Abundance.   Way to go!”

David Hertz