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"Californication House" hosts Freunde Von Freunden Dinner LA

Recently Freunde Von Freunden and onefinestay organized FvF Friends Dinner LA, which took place at David Hertz's Californication House.   Below is an excerpt from their feature:

"Summer rains finally gave way to a clear night in Venice, California, for FvF Friends Dinner LA. Freunde von Freunden and onefinestay collaborated to put on this evening of creative conversation, delicious eats, and a type of communion for FvF collaborators.

The partnership between the two brands has resulted in the creation of a relaxed atmosphere for the open exchange of ideas between artists, photographers, writers, vintners, chefs, and FvF friends alike. Throughout dinner, the answer to “what do you do?” became less of a declaration of status, and instead, an invitation to discuss potential collaborations and exciting new ideas. It was a scene easily recognizable in LA, as the city continues to establish itself as a destination for creatives from around the world, the shift has become palpable. LA is buzzing.

For this event, the ‘Californication House’ or ‘McKinley Residence’, coined for its routine appearance on Showtime’s Californication, provided the perfect environment – the warm wood tones, high ceilings and subtle integration of outdoor space proved galvanizing, as guests from all walks of life gathered at the long table. Tucked behind a wall of lush flora, the eco-friendly brainchild of architect David Hertz, the house boasts a compound made up of four discrete two-story buildings linked by three enclosed bridges that all face onto the courtyard, in a style one might call Balinese Modern.

The house is “green” in its architectural and interior coding (fit with 20 large solar panels, sustainable materials, and a passive ventilation system) and surrounded by large palms and tropical plant variations, flourishing around the concrete pathways of the exterior. Expansive windows, outdoor showers, and finespun transition from enclosed rooms to rooftop garden give it the feeling of a bungalow retreat. It’s beautiful to say the least, and a fitting addition to onefinestay’s residential West LA collection."

Full text of the article can be read here:


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