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'The Curated Object' Features Hertz's A+D Surfboard Donation

david hertz curated object a+d museum donation surfboard
david hertz a+d museum surfboard

"Golden Means Eco-Board  by David Hertz FAIA Architect and S.E.A. Surfboard shape: Ryan Harris Glassing: E-Tech Boards Sponsor: Sustainable Surf. Architect David Hertz, who has been surfing since he was 8 years old, has designed a surfboard for the upcoming 2014 A+D Museum show, “Groundswell” which provides for an interesting design and graphic while incorporating pioneering state of the art technologies in sustainable surfboard design and engineering. The surfboard’s concept is based upon several common iconographic themes; Graphics taken from Le Corbusier’s Modular Man are abstracted to represent the sine wave patterning of natural proportions found in nature and in wave form itself and are applied in a graphic to the bottom of the board. The top deck is contrasted by its use of natural materials made from inlaying varying types of Bamboo veneers taken from the shaper’s scrap pile. The design of inlays, forms the golden means with the spiral helix representing idealized proportions in nature as found both in wave form as well as in the design and proportions of the surfboard shape as well."  Full Article HERE

David Hertz