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Indies Trader Beran Resort

This project entailed the complete build-out of raw office space for Offer/Weber/Dern, an entertainment law firm based in Beverly Hills. Included in the scope was the design of the conference room, the principal’s office and the design of furniture for the lobby. The client wanted a “residential feel”, which was achieved by the use of wood and partial height walls in the central areas. Translucent glass was used throughout in order to allow natural light from the exterior to fill the core of the building.

indies trader beran resort

Conceived as a self-sustaining eco-resort in the remote Marshall Islands, the architecture hybridizes contextual aesthetics with green technology. The compound runs entirely on local resources in circular systems, and the prefabricated structures are shipped and assembled on-site for minimal environmental impacts. An indoor/outdoor plan underneath tensile roofs permits natural ventilation, and the membranes facilitate rainwater collection in below-ground cisterns.

The resort is powered by a diverse portfolio of renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass) for maximum resilience. Water reclamation and purification occurs via aquaculture and hydroponic bio-digesters and ponds. The location is as extreme as it is beautiful, so the architecture is envisioned as a comprehensive systems diagram that realizes environmental harmony and tropical hospitality.

Project Details

Status: unbuilt
Location: Marshall Islands
Typology: hospitality
Program: eco-resort
Sustainable Features:
  • 100% carbon neutral
  • solar thermal
  • biomass gasification
  • stomrwater harvesting
  • grey- and blackwater treatment