57 Market St 

57 Market St is Studio of Environmental Architectures current location in Venice Beach. Built originally in the early 1920's the space had been updated periodically but still required extensive renovation to become the new office space. New shear walls where added along side existing brick for seismic safety.  The buildings front facade was replaced with a modern graffiti-prof high-performance glazing with operable windows. The front of the building's floor plan was adjusted to include a new conference room, server room and storage area with roof access. A new atrium was created underneath the existing large central skylight that houses a second storage area and materials library.  Bathrooms where updated with modern low flow sinks and toilets. The existing rear fence on the building was easily breachable from the alley and was replaced by a steel double door fence with grated roof. This space is bike and surfboard storage for the staff. Finally the roof was reinsulated with sealing foam and covered with TreX recycled decking.  A solar PV array will be installed in 2013 allowing the office to be 100% solar powered. 

57 Market St is available for location rental for film, television and editorial. Take a look at our Location site for more details visit: