57 Market St Lamp

Studio EA's new Venice Beach office is a voluminous structure with a large main room. The ceilings are 18ft high and the large interior space demanded a large central light fixture. Conceived as a skeletal wood zeppelin, the nearly 12ft long lamp fills the ceiling of the office. The fixture is built around a recycled sailboat jib boom. The exterior frame is formed of cut concentric rings of plywood and bent plywood strips. The plywood exterior was screwed and bonded together with marine epoxy. It was then mounted off the sailing jib by eight 1/4 in Aluminum rods, this suspends the plywood frame entirely off the center boom. Finally the entire lamp was wrapped with Goji rice paper and hung with recycled rigging cable and turnbuckles. The entire lamp weighs less than 75lbs. 

 The Market St. lamp was designed by David Hertz and built by Carson Leh LINK