An Afternoon at the Wing House

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Later this month SCI-Arc Director Hernan DIaz, along with David and the owner of the home, Francie Rehwald with be meeting on site to discuss their unique collaboration as well as give an informed tour of the property.  

David and Francie out on a wing

David and Francie out on a wing

Eastern Canal Home is on the Market

The Los Angeles times has recently posted a video on their website that details David's eco-conscious, minimalist approach to his renovation of this home along the Venice Canal. This include a sustainable rooftop garden, water filtration systems, and Syndecrete countertops all while providing generous views of the adjacent canal.  

New York Time Features Cold Canyon House

Designed by Doug Rucker in the 1960's and restored by David Hertz about 10 years ago, the iconic mid-century style home is on the market once again. 

Hertz-created Syndecrete now finds itself among the wooden beams and surrounding the single pane glass, truly making this residence one that has been touched by multiple generations of architectural influence. 

NY Times Article